My name is Tony and I’m a friend of Monica’s. I didn’t know Miss Alice, but I was there the night she died. I feel responsible too, because I’m the one that talked Monica into going to get some… stuff.

I felt bad immediately. When she turned Monica around, I hesitated. Miss Alice looked at me and said, “What kind of friend would destroy someone’s life with that mess?” That really made me think. I mean… she’s right. Not only am I messing up my own life, but I’m dragging my friends along with me. Friends like Monica, who have worked hard to get straight. I’m a pretty lousy friend.

But Miss Alice… she was tough. I didn’t see how everything started. I guess I was kind of lost in thought at what she had said. I had started walking along with her and Monica. I don’t even know why she went back, but when I turned around I saw Miss Alice getting up off the ground and… and she wasn’t running away. She was running at the guys who had knocked her down. I’ve never known anyone like that.


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  1. Oh no. She died because she went at some bad guys? She should just have walked away.

  2. Did she get killed while saving Monica? She must really have cared for her so much as to look for her and even risk her own life.

  3. Dear me she should have just walked away.

  4. Tony, Tony, Tony… Fighting to protect others. I should have also seen this one coming…

  5. Oh no. So that’s how she died.

  6. Tough woman, Alice. I wouldn’t expect anything else from what I’ve read of her. She fought until the end — tough and strong.

  7. TONY! How could you!

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