While I enjoy sitting on a comfortable sofa or chair as much as anybody, I can only endure so much time indoors. Soon the outdoors call to me, luring me with brilliant colors and intriguing creatures. I feel most relaxed when wandering through a forest or wading through a creek. I find excitement in learning new things about the plants and creatures around me. So slip on some comfortable hiking boots and join me, alfresco.

I’m Blogging A to Z

I almost forgot to mention this here on my main blog, but I’m participating in the Blogging A to Z challenge. My theme is “When I Grow Up – Then and Now” where I will talk about what I wanted to be when I was younger and what I still want to be when I grow up. I created a separate blog for it since it didn’t seem to fit here with my fiction. I also didn’t want  to suddenly inundate those of you who subscribe via email. Check it out if you want! The link is...

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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