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Month: September 2008

Begging for God’s Mercy

Today I went for a walk. I needed some air. I needed some exercise. Apparently, I needed to encounter God. I decided to walk to Pondy Bazaar. It’s a good distance from the hotel so it seemed to be a good target. I didn’t plan to shop. I bought some sunglasses and some hand kerchiefs (I was sweating profusely.) I meandered through the street shops for a while, stopping from time to time. As I made my way up the street where Pondy Bazaar is – in the general direction of the hotel – I was approached by various vendors and beggars. The vendors are usually fun to talk to, but can be quite persistent. I have received several reprimands for giving money to the beggars. “Don’t encourage our beggars,” one local once told me sternly after watching me give a note to beggar. I have learned to simply say “No” and move on. I’ve heard lectures about how some are simply working for others and the need is not real. It can be hard to ignore, though. As I left the crowded area and continued up the street I came across a lady with two small children. Actually, the child found me first, followed by the lady carrying the smaller one. I said “I’m sorry” and continued walking on my way. The lady followed me continuing to show...

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Kristy, I Miss You

Kristy, I miss you. I’ve been away before – To various places for various stays. New Jersey, Minnesota, Manila. But this time is different. It seems longer – and harder; it hurts more. Maybe it’s because the kids are growing up. Maybe it’s because I’m growing up. Or maybe it’s because every year I fall more and more in love with...

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