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Month: May 2009

A Refreshing Pragmatism

Lately I have been enamored with the refreshing pragmatism of the Philippines. Consider the underground passageways as an example. In Makati each intersection has an underground passage way to keep pedestrians out of traffic. It only takes one glance at the crazy traffic to see the common sense of that approach. The downside to these passageways is obvious – the stairs going in and coming out. Walking several blocks entails many sets of stairs. And this is where the pragmatism surfaces once again. Each underground passage has escalators, but only going up. It’s as if they are saying, “Ok...

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But Her Is My Mama!

This year, as Mother’s Day has been approaching, I’ve been thinking about a story that my mom used to tell. She was a great story teller and teaching for so many years left her with a lot of stories. I had the pleasure of having my mom as a teacher and this story includes me. While I’m not as good at telling stories as she was, I wanted to share this one. Those who teach kindergarten are quite often called “mama” by mistake. Many children, having spent the past several years with their mother, call their teacher “mama” before...

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