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Month: November 2009

I Don’t Want To Leave A Legacy

There seems to be a fad among Christian circles these days talking about leaving a legacy. How will you be remembered? Will future generations know you existed? I’m not sure that should really be my concern. Sure, I hope I teach my children that there is a God who created them and loves them passionately. I hope I convey to them accurately how that same God has done everything necessary to allow a relationship between us. I hope I instill in them a sense of awe when they look at the stars. I hope they understand how big and amazing this world is that we call home. I hope they enjoy the same joys that they have brought to me. But I shouldn’t care if I’m remembered or not. I’m not really sure where the talk of legacy comes from. The closest thing I can find in scripture is when the Old Testament authors challenged the people to pass on the details of the covenant to future generations. It doesn’t challenge them to create a lasting memory of themselves. It doesn’t challenge them to have faith in God for the purpose of influencing future generations. Their faith is for their own salvation. It’s for their own lives. The just shall live by their faith. Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness. Sure, some people are...

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Reasons To Be Thankful For Your Spouse

Are you thankful for your spouse? What’s that? Still complaining that they don’t help with the dishes or that they spend too much money? Put that aside! This week is Thanksgiving in the US and it makes a great excuse, anywhere in the world, to stop and be thankful for your spouse. Today’s post aims to help. To get you started I offer several reasons you can be thankful. Reasons to be thankful for your wife: She keeps you humble. If you didn’t have your wife, who would point out all of your weaknesses? She keeps track of your to-do list. Heck, in most cases the wife actually creates the to-do list. What would you do with all your time if you didn’t have her to help prioritize? She helps you find stuff. Maybe this only works in my house, but if I need to find something I only have to ask my wife. Of course usually the item was out in the open, exactly where I looked, but items come out of hiding when my wife goes to get them. She provides driving assistance. Come on, you know you didn’t see that car that was stopping ahead or the fact that the car next you has its blinker on. What would you do without her help? Reasons to be thankful for you husband: He holds down the furniture....

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There is NOT a Book for That

Today’s post aims to fill a gap in marriage-related written material. On the surface it may seem that there are books to cover just about every aspect of the husband-wife relationship, but this is not the case. Want a book on how to listen to your spouse? There’s a book for that. How to restore the romance in your marriage? There’s a book for that. Explain why your spouse seems to speak a different language from a different planet? There are books for that. And most books worth reading will be quick to tell you that formulas and magic phrases are not the answer. Interpersonal relationships are too complex for simple answers. Women, in particular, are too complex for simple answers. Today, however, I present to you the exception. The one known situation in which wives will respond with predictability and repeatability. Today I present two behaviors guaranteed to annoy your wife. One may ask the seemingly obvious question, “Why would I want to annoy my wife?” The problem is that the question avoids an important point: men will annoy their wives. Like it or not, husband, you will be found annoying. If you don’t believe me just ask your wife what you do that annoys her. I’m warning you, though, you’d better have some time on your hands. The way I see it, if you’re going to annoy your wife...

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Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a loser!

A while back I launched a contest for a free book. In that post I blamed the lack of comments on a error in the way I had the blog configured. In case you forgot, the prize was a copy of The Love Dare by Stephen and Alex Kendrick. My wife was tasked with selecting a winner at random from all the comments that contained the word DARE. And after reviewing all the comments since the contest began, I am proud to announce… “We have a loser!” Yes, you read that right. It’s me. I’m the loser. I threw a party and nobody came. I only received one comment during the whole contest, and that comment wasn’t even trying for the book (no DARE anywhere.) Since I’m a man – and married – I have three possible ways to respond: 1. Ignore it and pretend it never happened – I did contemplate this option for a while, but finally decided against it. This option is better used on things that are not recorded in permanent record. I use this option when predictions I make turn out false or when I’m proven wrong in an argument a few days later. It usually takes the form of no reply or possibly with the phrase “I didn’t say that!” 2. Throw a pity party – I’m not sure women know how to throw pity parties...

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Marriage and Baseball

Last week the New York Yankees won the baseball World Series. As I sat watching them celebrate I couldn’t help but think about how much baseball is like marriage. (Ok. Actually, it was a bit later that the thought occurred to me… as I found some nacho cheese on my wedding band, but that didn’t sound as interesting.) I realize that analogies can sometimes get out of hand so for this post I’m going to highlight areas where marriage and baseball are, and are not, alike. Teamwork – Yes. This is the obvious one, but bear with me. I think this year’s World Series was a great picture of teamwork. The Yankees roster is filled with highly touted, highly paid stars, but no single individual stepped up to take over the series. Several of their “stars” struggled at various times, but different players performed when they had to. In fact, the MVP of the series was a hitter that doesn’t even play in the field anymore. This is definitely how a marriage should work. One can be up when the other is down. Unfortunately, some spouses feel more like a sidekick (think Batman’s Robin) than a teammate. If you’re the “star” of your marriage, then you may want to change something before you strike out.Uniforms – No. Marriages do not need uniforms. If you are contemplating buying matching sweaters or entire...

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