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Month: February 2010

What Does Kindness Mean to Married Couples?

  The definition of kindness can vary depending upon your state in life. For a toddler, t may be sharing a piece of candy. For a homeless person, it may be a quick meal or a warm place to sleep. For a student, it may be bonus points or dropping their lowest score. But what about married people? What constitutes kindness between spouses? Here are a few examples of kindness: Eating those first-year dinners without making a face or complaining Putting the toilet seat down (or up,┬ásee related post) Remembering to put gas in the vehicle Laughing at his...

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She Taught Me To Live and Love

Who is teaching you to live and love? Or better yet, who are you teaching to live and love? Today is my grandmother’s birthday. She was born Marjorie Catherine Craig on February, 19, 1914. We called her Mam-mama and even though she passed away seventeen years ago I miss her terribly. Mam-mama did a lot of the normal things that a grandmother will do. She took us to the zoo. She made us Tang for breakfast. She let us wear clothes that didn’t match if we insisted. But she taught me to try new things and to learn new things. She taught me to paint, or at least she tried. She tried to teach me to crotchet, but I could never quite catch on. She never tried to teach me to quilt, but seeing her projects as they progressed were a lesson in and of themselves. She taught me to love baseball. She would tell stories of her trips around the US and to other parts of the world. She taught me that there is a life to be lived and that it was worth living. We just have to be willing to go after it. The amazing thing is that if anyone had reasons to be frustrated with life, Mam-mama had her opportunities. She lived through the Great Depression. She lost her first husband, my mom’s dad, in...

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Asking God Questions

“I read a blog post over at the Nicodemus at Night blog that really got me thinking about doubt and questions. I left a rather long comment that I decided would make a good post for my blog. It’s a story from one of my trips to India and an encounter with God’s grace and love. I was in India for a few months and was at a point where I was questioning (aka doubting) a lot of things. One of the tourist attractions in Chennai, where I was, is a Catholic church – St. Thomas Basilica. I’m not Catholic, but having spent the past few weeks touring Hindu temples, the church was something a bit more familiar. This basilica once housed what was believed to be the bones of the apostle Thomas. Catholic tradition states that Thomas traveled to India preaching the gospel and was killed there near present-day Chennai. I really didn’t want to go in at first because the fancy, ornate church was incredibly out of place against the backdrop of some of the surrounding poverty. The history was too much for me to pass up so I did enter and spent some time observing the relics and such. It was then that a passage of scripture caught my attention. It was the words of Thomas as found in John 20:28, “”…my Lord and my God.””...

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