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Month: July 2010

Light My Fire – A Primer on Candles

One thing I will readily admit about men is that we tend to underestimate things. Whether it’s that bathroom remodeling project that went six months instead of six weeks or the do-it-yourself shed that has yet to be assembled, some things prove more complicated than they appear on the surface. For newly married men that includes candles. Those of you who have been married for a while know what I’m talking about. Today’s post is intended as a guide for men who are either contemplating marriage or are just recently married. And my guess is that your pre-marriage counseling...

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Feeling Inferior to the Family Pet

I know my wife loves me. That is not the issue. The issue is that I’m a man and I therefore like to rank things. That in itself wouldn’t be an issue except that I don’t rank very high in our family hierarchy. The way I see it I’m in a close race with our two chickens for eighth place. (At least I get to sleep inside most days.) I’m convinced this is a fairly common issue for men, even though we do not mention it. If you think I’m being unreasonable consider these scenarios: Our Shih-tzu poops on...

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You Make Me Happy

“You make me happy.” If there is one thing I hope my daughter remembers forever it’s that phrase. I tell it to her all the time. And it’s true. She has a way of making any day bright and happy. She is caring, giving and loving. She has a giggle that chases clouds far away. Add all of this together with the fact that she loves her daddy and you will see what a lucky man I am. On the other hand is a phrase that people keep telling me: “Just wait, she’ll be a teenager soon.” Usually the...

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