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Month: September 2010

Book Review: Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado

In his new book Outlive Your Life Max Lucado challenges Christians to make a difference. “What if we rocked the world with hope?” he asks on the back cover. And the book inspires readers to do just that. Sprinkled with stories of people who have made a difference and examples of the great need all around the world, Max reminds us that God has used simple people to accomplish great things throughout history. I was initially a bit skeptical from reading the title. The last thing I wanted was another book telling me how to become a Christian superstar....

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On Your Way Home

Today’s post was inspired by a section from Max Lucado’s new book “Outlive Your Life.” I have a review of that book here. The section inspiring this post can be found beginning on page 33 of the hardcopy edition. It seems so simple. All that is expected is one simple task – pick up something from the store. Sometimes it’s milk. Sometimes it’s bread. Sometimes it’s things that men don’t like to purchase. Regardless of the item, though, the outcome is often the same. We arrive at home with a host of items but not the primary item. If...

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This post is part of Bridget Chumbley’s “One Word at a Time” Blog Carnival. For other perspectives on hope see the listing here. I’m pretty sure I’ve always underestimated the importance of hope. I didn’t realize this until recently, though. In my travels I have come face to face with poverty numerous times – in the US, Philippines and India. Experiences like that that change you. They leave a mark on your soul that changes your perspective. The immediate response is to want to provide aid and charity via feeding programs and such. Once you realize the complexities of...

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Bedroom Behavior

No marriage blog would be complete without addressing bedroom issues. Today’s post aims to do just that, and given our propensity for charts and formulas we have devised a progression of which every couple should be aware. Many marriages fail because couples expect things to remain exactly the same forever. The problem is that people don’t stay the same. Spouses have to be willing to love each other even as we change into different people over time. If you need evidence of this fact you need look no further than the bedroom behavior progression. How long you’ve been married...

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