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Month: February 2011


I still remember the look in her eyes that day. They burned with a flame or, perhaps more accurately, with embers waiting to ignite a fire. In fact, it was those embers that caused me to even notice her that day. Most of us didn’t pay each other much attention. We each sat there emotionless, staring. Some watched cartoons on a small television. Some scribbled drawings on scraps of paper. The only thing we shared was our existence – a painful, empty existence. Making things worse, we all knew they were there. Those…animals…vultures…monsters. We knew they were just outside...

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The Fight

The first punch felt good. In fact, the first several punches felt good. It felt like Joe was releasing something that had been buried deep within. Then he tried a kick, which didn’t go so well. The next thing he knew he was being slammed to the ground by two hefty guys. Joe rubbed the back of his head, feeling the bump caused by the scuffle. Looking at the court papers in front of him, though, left him feeling frustrated and angry. The day had started off well. Arriving at work early, Joe had gotten a lot of work...

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