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Month: March 2011

The Brawl

Garrett burst through the saloon doors with such force that they slammed against the wall announcing his entrance. He stopped just inside the door and scanned the room slowly. After tipping his hat back on his head with the tip of his pistol he placed it in the holster which sagged below his right hip. Given the commotion of his entrance, most of the patrons had stopped to look at him, but now resumed their conversations and drinks. Garrett took a few steps, enjoying the sound of his boots on the hard wooden floor. “I’m here to bring in...

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Investment and Reward

“Jerry? You wanted to see me?” James peered into the office as he tapped lightly on the door. “James! Yes, I was looking for you earlier.” Jerry motioned to the chair in front of his desk. “Yeah, I went to lunch with Sarah. We’ve had a lot to discuss lately.” “I can imagine. That’s quite a move you’re making. And that’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about. I need to you to take off next week to get all the arrangements worked out. Jennings wants you in Chicago by the end of the month.” James felt...

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The Gondola Ride

Venice was a long way from Mississippi. Yet, Venice was where Jeff had longed to be since he was a teenager. It would also become the place of his greatest epiphany. While there were opportunities for the arts in Mississippi, Jeff always felt his accomplishments undervalued. He participated enthusiastically in school plays. He submitted poetry for local competitions.   He shared some of his writings with family, friends and teachers. But in the end he was disappointed with their evaluations. Sure, their words were always kind and full of praise, but Jeff could tell that they would all have been...

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