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Month: April 2011

The Secret Admirer

Your new haircut is super sexy. XOXO Kelly smiled as she looked at the index card in her hand. She found it next to the phone on her desk, the first place she looked each day when arriving at work. The notes were sporadic, but they always appeared in the same location. They started appearing about three weeks prior. The first stated simply “You are amazing” and was signed “Your Secret Admirer”. Kelly wasn’t sure what to think at that point, choosing to ignore it. A follow up note explained “I have admired you for a long time”. Kelly...

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Of Love

If relationships have seasons, we are in fall. The greenery and flowers have faded leaving only our spindly frames. Carl ripped the note from its conspicuous spot on the front door. “Hey Marge! What’s this supposed to mean? You know I don’t understand these cryptic scribbles of yours!” An unusual silence greeted Carl’s inquiry. “Marge? Are you here?” Carl peeked in the kitchen before heading back to the bedroom. “Marge?” Carl spun around upon seeing the room empty, but suddenly stopped and turned back to the room. A note on the bed caught his attention. Perhaps it was not...

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The Handshake

I hear that walking is good for you. It strengthens your muscles and exercises your heart. It can do way more than that. I was just over 3 hours into my walk, quite tired and heading back to the hotel. My small point-and-shoot camera had snapped images that stood out to me, touches of India that I wanted to keep for later. My pace had quickened, heading the warning from my feet that I should bring the walk to a close. Chennai traffic demands that pedestrians be alert, but I will admit my attention was waning a bit. Perhaps...

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The Problem With The World

“We really don’t care about the mating habits of ferrets, John.” Frank leaned in toward the group in order to be heard above the noise of the bar. “Yeah, whatever, Frank. You don’t care about anything but drinking.” “I’ll drink to that.” Frank raised his glass as the others joined in for a mock toast. “It really was quite an interesting documentary,” John continued. “That’s the problem with this world. Everybody watches a documentary and then they think they’re a stinkin’ expert.” Frank spilled his beer while trying to gesture with his hands. “No. I’ll tell you what’s wrong...

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My Friend Jack

I went for a walk today. This is perhaps my favorite activity in India. My family and friends are so far away, still sleeping at the moment. So I walk alone. It is hot. It is always hot in Chennai. My fair skin prepares for the scorching which the sun will undoubtably provide. My feet burn hot on the pavement. So here I am, a solitary traveler burning in the mid-day heat. I look for my friend Jack. He always comes to me. Or, perhaps more accurately, I come to him. As I turn from street to street, dodging...

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