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Month: May 2011

RAPTCHA: Final Conversion

Derek sat at his computer desk wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. And socks. This May morning was unusually cool, too cool to be walking around the house without socks. “What do you wear for the end of the world?” he had laughed as he turned on the television a few minutes earlier. Stories of the current end of times prediction dominated the headlines. Today was the predicted day. All Derek really wanted was a warm cup of coffee which was currently brewing in the kitchen. Sitting at his laptop, he rubbed his forehead and eyes as he...

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The Twitterati

Franz looked around the room at the collection of assassins, hackers, miscreants and villains. Whoever assembled this crew obviously had some questionable contacts. Several were well known in their respective circles; legends of chaos and terror. Others were obvious henchmen who were impressed with themselves for their mere inclusion in this assembly. He walked to the stage and thought for a moment longer about how to address this group. Franz was accustomed to board rooms and conference halls. The fact that this meeting was being held in a night club called “The Cave” spoke more than he needed to...

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It Needs to Be Said: 3 Reasons Toilets Should Not Auto-Flush

I’m a huge fan of automatic doors, auto-flush urinals, no-touch faucets and hands-free towel dispensers. At first glance it would seem that anything automatic would be great, but that is definitely not the case. My case in point? Auto-flushing toilets. It may seem odd that I am a fan of auto-flushing urinals, but not enthusiastic about the same technology for toilets. Hopefully the following points will clear up any confusion as I provide three reasons why toilets should not auto-flush. Splashing – My chief complaint about the auto-flush toilet is that they are too sensitive. In a recent experience...

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Sometimes I Get Mad

Not too much makes me mad. Sure, I get frustrated sometimes or irritated at someone, but ask most people that know me and they’ll tell you I’m a pretty “laid back” guy. It takes a lot to make me “fightin’ mad” as we like to say in the southern US. Until now. Did you know? That two children are sold every minute? That at some brothels menus are handed out offering children as young as six or seven years old? That an estimated 27 million people are enslaved around the world? That makes me mad. Not just irritated, but the...

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