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Month: June 2011

It Needs to Be Said: Pet Peeves

Sometimes I’m not sure what is worse, pets or pet owners. Before you get offended, though, please understand that I am also a pet owner. In fact, I feel like I should have a Noah’s Ark patch for all the animals with which I’ve shared our home. Since marrying my wife I have had the opportunity to own (or co-own) a duck, a rooster, several hens, numerous dogs, a guinea pig, a ferret, a gerbil, rabbits, fish and countless cats. I do understand how precious animals can be at times. However, there are a few points that need to...

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The King Ascends the Throne

Stuart paused at the door and took a deep breath. “Don’t take the stress home with you,” he muttered as he closed his eyes for a moment. After a brief moment he pushed open the door. “The king has arrived to his castle!” “It’s about time, your highness. I expected you home a half hour ago so dinner is cold. We’ve already eaten. Did you remember to pick up the diapers on your way home?” “Uh. No. But I’ll have some of my vassals take care of that.” “This isn’t a castle, Daddy! And what’s a va-zl?” Cindi wrinkled...

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Versatile Blogger Acceptance Speech

A few weeks ago I was honored to receive the Versatile Blogger Award. The award was conveyed to me by John Wiswell as part of his acceptance of the award. Did I mention I was honored? (Even if part of the reason he chose me was my post on auto-flushing toilets.) I don’t win many awards – ok, I don’t win any awards – so I’m taking advantage of this and have decided to give an acceptance speech. (Well, technically this is just a blog post, but that’s the beauty of writing – I can call it anything I...

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Friendship and Fear

“Stop that! They will see us.” “I can’t help it – especially when I’m scared.” “Hurry, over here into these trees.” “Ha ha ha ha ha!” “Ohhh. I hate that sound. Sometimes I have nightmares about it.” “Don’t worry. Just keep moving and follow me.” “Oops” “Please focus. Every time you do that you tell them where we are.” “I just want to go home. Why did we have to go this far? Daddy warned me about these monsters.” “It’s going to be ok. Just try to keep up with me and keep moving back and forth like I...

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Sweet Desire

It was just a brief flash, but it was clear enough that John had no doubt what he had seen out of the corner of his eye. If twelve years in the corporate world had taught him anything it was how to spot a box of doughnuts on their way to a conference room. He finished the report he was working on and walked to the main conference room. The room was empty. Not finding them in the break room he took the stairs up to the executive conference room. Bingo! On a table just inside the door sat the...

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