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Month: August 2011

People I Wish I Had Met: Rich Mullins

“And I awoke in the house of God.” That is my favorite line from a Rich Mullins song. Rich’s writing made you think. It made you want to go deeper in your spirituality. That line is so pregnant with meaning and truth that it begs the listener to think. Even if it means missing the next few lines of the song, think. I still remember the day I found out that Rich Mullins died. It was just a small blurb in the newspaper I was reading. (I think it was the USA Today, oddly enough.) I still remember the...

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People I Wish I Had Met

There are some people you are glad you met and some people you wish you had never met. There are also people you wish to meet. We would all be better off if we simply tried to be one of those people that others wish to meet. As I started thinking about “People I Wish I Had Met” I decided I want this to be a series instead of a simple list. The reasons for that are twofold. First, I want to be able to give some detail about each one and why they stand out to me as...

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Speaking from Darkness

I try to be normal. So many days I put on a smile, or the nearest thing I can muster to it, and go out among others. I respond to inquiries and make idle chit chat as long as I can before shrinking back away from the crowds, hoping to be alone. Some days I laugh. Those are wonderful days when these dark clouds dissipate and I think clearly. Feeling returns to my soul and laughter warms my being. But those days are getting farther apart. The dark clouds linger longer and the only way to avoid them is...

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The Privacy Rule

If there is one rule that I believe is important in marriage it is the privacy rule. That rule states that there is no privacy in marriage. This is hard for some people to accept, but marriage is the type of relationship that requires transparency. Secret cell phones or credit cards are a good way to destroy your marriage. That cache of shoes that he doesn’t know about? Not a good idea. If you get nervous when your spouse looks over your shoulder while your on the computer, you might want to reconsider what you’re doing. And while privacy...

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What Childhood Should Be

Childhood should be… …about swimming, not sex. …about baseball, not brothels. …about watermelon, not wars. …about comfortable friendships, not constant fear. …about love, not lust. …about being a child, and nothing more.   About 1.2 million children are trafficked annually. Those of us who had a childhood need to do something. Join with organizations who are making a difference. Organizations such as   I’ll leave you with this song by Ten Shekel Shirt about victims of childhood slavery and abuse. FRAGILE by Ten Shekel Shirt from Lamont on Vimeo. This post is part of the One Word...

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