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Month: October 2011

Mom vs The Zombie

“But I want to be a zombie!” “A zombie? Why? You’re nine. Can’t you be something cute – like a fairy or a cat? What about Cinderella?” “I could be a Cinderella zombie.” Mom rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips. “We are not buying zombie stuff. End of story. So either pick something else or let’s go.” “Fine. Let’s go.” **** “It sounds like she’s a lot like her mama.” Dad scanned the newspaper as he spoke. “That’s ridiculous. I would have never wanted to be a zombie for halloween.” “Maybe not. But you would...

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A Close Encounter

Here we are, suddenly face to face. I’m not sure if I invaded his space or if he invaded mine, but we are definitely close. Is he black? Or white? He’s obviously both, but which is the primary? And why is he just staring at me? He’s small. Not tiny, but definitely diminutive. I wonder what he’s thinking of me? He is staring at me, isn’t he? It’s hard to tell exactly where he is looking. Those eyes protrude quite a bit now that I look at him. I’m not sure how long this staring has been going on,...

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