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Month: November 2011

A Lot To Be Thankful For

He sat in the car staring at the house. He glanced at the clock. Ten thirty. That should be about right. He didn’t want to go inside too early, Beth was always in a foul mood when she cooked Thanksgiving dinner. He didn’t want to be too late, either, though. Then he would suffer her wrath for holding everything up and letting dinner get cold. He scanned the driveway. Her parents were already here, which meant that her aunt Trudy was probably with them. The other car was new, but he guessed it was Beth’s sister and brother-in-law. When...

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The cart bounced as it descended further into the drift. Carl didn’t mind working underground. In fact, he enjoyed it. His mind turned to Bridgette, wondering where she was. It had now been exactly one week since she left. He thought about it regularly, especially on the rides into and out of the mine. She had always worried about him working underground. Sometimes he wouldn’t tell her when it was his turn to go under, just so she wouldn’t worry about him. He found the the above-ground work boring. Driving trucks and lifts, inventorying equipment, checking the ventilation points...

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From up here the world looks so neat and orderly. The ground is sectioned off into various shapes, each a different shade of green or brown. Lights sparkle, highlighting the city areas. Roads twist and wind as they connect one cluster of lights to another. Is there a better place to be anywhere? But soon we will be landing and the order will give way to chaos, to busyness, to heartache. Everything will return to its normal size – including my problems. In a few minutes there will be deadlines to meet, mouths to feed, grass to cut. Everything changes...

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