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Month: December 2011

My Best Tunes of 2011

To continue my series this week of the “Best of” 2011, I thought I would do a series on my Best Tunes for the year. As with the books, this list is merely about stuff I discovered during the year. It doesn’t mean that it was created or released during this year. Anyway, here it is in no particular order- my favorite tunes of 2011. Matt Nathanson – Modern Love and Some Mad Hope I discovered Matt Nathanson by downloading “Come On Get Higher” for free song on Amazon MP3. I then downloaded the Some Mad Hope album and...

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My Best Reads of 2011

I love to read. If you’re reading this post then you probably do as well, so I’ll skip my section where I talk about how wonderful reading is and get straight to the post. Here is a list of the best books I read this year. Not all of these books were new in 2011, but this just happened to be the year I read them. Character Development from the Inside Out – I read several books about writing this year. One of my favorites was Character Development from the Inside Out by Scott Morgan. The book is a...

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O Christmas Tree

“Honey, I can’t find the snowman ornament. I looked through all of the boxes several times already.” Mom sat on a chair surrounded by open boxes and tins. “What do you mean? There are several snowmen in those boxes.” “Not just any snowman. The snowman you gave me for our first Christmas. It was our first ornament.” “Oh. That snowman.” “Here daddy?” “Yeah, sure.” Dad leaned down close to Junior as if telling him a secret. “It doesn’t matter where you put it, son. Your mom will just move it later.” “That is not true! All I do is...

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White Christmas

Sometimes the best gifts don’t come wrapped in tidy packages with ribbons and bows, but this year’s gift started off that way. Mom and I sat in the living room floor on Christmas morning wrapping the last of the presents. These were small knick-knacks – things my mom had forgotten to wrap earlier. The lights from the tree were glimmering. The sun bounced off the snow, illuminating the room through the large, ceiling-to-floor windowpanes. “I’m so glad it started snowing last week. I was hoping we would have a white Christmas.” I was already looking out the window and...

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Jingle Bells

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. “Dad, why are we here?” Ring. Ring. Ring. “To draw attention to the donation kettle. People are more likely to give to a person than they are to just a bucket.” Ring. Ring. Ring. “Yeah, but why are we here?” Ring. Ring. Ring. “Because everyone needs to do their part. A lot of people doing little things can make a big difference, son.” Ring. Ring. Ring. “But mom says you already give money, isn’t that enough? Can’t we let someone else do this part? It’s cold and boring, and most people just...

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