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Month: July 2012

A Ladies Man

“Alright! They’re gone! Someone crank the music.” “Let’s get the party started!” “Whoa! Wait a minute. They’ve only been gone for a few seconds. What if they come back to get something they forgot? We need to wait at least five minutes to make sure it’s clear.” “Five minutes. You heard him. The all-knowing seer hath spoken the decreed amount of time before which no partying may commence.” “Shut up, slim.” “Don’t call me that.” “Guys, quit arguing. Mens is right. We should wait a bit longer. We have all night. What’s another couple of minutes to be sure?”...

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A Little Problem

Vern stared into the mirror, concerned. His eyes glanced at the top of his head then to the space near the ceiling then to the top of the shower curtain. No! Not today. He straightened his back and glanced again, comparing – head, ceiling, shower curtain. Mirrors could deceive at times so it was hard to tell for sure. I can’t call in again today. I was out last Tuesday. He hurried to the walk-in closet. Straightening his back and neck, he stood next to the wall and moved closer until his nose touched the wall. He placed his...

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