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Month: February 2013

Roses for Valentines

Logan could hear Sharon’s voice as he looked at the vase of roses on the display counter. “Don’t get me flowers this year. We really need to keep saving for the house.” “Would you like a second dozen for half price?” “Uh. A second dozen?” “It’s our Valentine’s Special.” He looked at the roses on the display. “Yeah, that  would be great.” “She’s going to love them. And it’s a good thing you’re getting them a few days early. A lot of people will wait until Valentine’s Day to order and it’ll be too late.” “Too late.” He echoed...

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Writing for Speakers

Good speakers are not necessarily good writers. At least that’s what my experience has taught me. The written word seems so limited. It fails to fully convey my personality and charm. In fact, that last word should be spelled “chah-m” in order to allow the reader to enjoy my accent. Additionally, if reading this you would not be able to notice my fancy three button suit or how incredibly shiny my shoes are. (I received several compliments on my shoes last month when I spoke at the Bridgetown Ladies Club.) That reminds me of another issue. I’m talking about...

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