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Month: May 2013

Making Sense

Judy rubbed her legs with the towel as she breathed in deeply. She loved the smell of being clean. Her head rocked back and she closed her eyes as she wrapped the towel around her dark brown hair. Next she applied a generous coat of body lotion. She wasn’t sure who’s idea it was to mix cucumber and melon together as a scent, but she was glad they did. She took more deep breaths as she finished dressing, enjoying the fragrant respite from housework and gardening. Her mind started planning the evening’s dinner as she entered the kitchen and...

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Phyllis sat in her chair and picked up the unfinished blanket. Her hands went immediately to work, the needles and yarn moving together. “Mom! Where is my favorite shirt?” She smiled, placed the material on the coffee table and started toward the hall. She walked slowly, taking time to notice the frames that lined the hallway. Photographs of birthdays and school days smiled at her with toothless grins and laughing eyes. Just as she neared Sam’s room, she heard a clanking noise in the kitchen behind her. “Shh! You’re going to get us in trouble.” “Just grab a cookie...

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In Love With Einstein

“Man, you know that girl in my physics class? The one…” “Of course I know her. You’ve talked about her all semester. She’s so gorgeous. She looks like an angel. She smiled at me. She got new shoes. She… “I asked her out today.” “…me. Well, I don’t really know her, but I feel like I do. After all… What?” “I asked her out.” “Really? Wow. What did she say?” “Thanks for the vote of confidence, bro. What did you expect her to say?” “Does she know you’ve been stalking her all semester?” “Noticing someone at every class is...

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I Know

I know that feeling- the darkness and clouds appear again and you retreat within yourself. It can be more frightening that a physical storm. I don’t know what you’re going through. I should never claim as much. Your battles and your history are your own. I have no way of understanding what you are experiencing at this moment. I do know that feeling, though – the fear. It swells from within. What if this time you don’t come out of this? What if you remain lost in the darkness? What if you never care again? These fears are as...

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