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Month: March 2015

What Happened to Alice #AtoZChallenge

It’s time again for the A to Z Challenge. For the past two years, I separated my A to Z posts to a separate blog as I experimented with non-fiction topics. This year, I want to experiment with fiction, so I think it fits well here on my main blog. (If you’re subscribed to this blog, consider this a warning that you will receive a post each day this month. If you’re not subscribed, the sign up is in the top right and is the easiest way to get the full story.) For my theme this year I am going...

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Sidhartha #NaNoReMo

We all have classic books that we want to read but rarely get around to. That’s the main driver behind John Wiswell’s challenge to read a classic (or two) each March. Deemed NaNoReMo, the challenge is simple: read a classic and share your thoughts with others after you’re done. The reader is free to define classic in any way they choose. I initially was on the fence about participating this year, but after hearing Siddhartha tossed around as a possible read I decided to join in. The book, Hermann Hesse was originally written in German. Given my linguistic challenges, of course, I read an English translation. The story is set in India at the time of Gautama Buddha (called Gotama in my translation of this book.) The names were a bit confusing for me since Siddhartha is also part of the Buddha’s name – Siddhartha Guatama. Nevertheless, the main character of this book is a boy named Siddhartha who enjoys a charmed childhood as the son of a respected Brahman. He wants to find enlightenment and the book chronicles his journey through adulthood. His childhood friend Govinda, his lover Kamala, a ferryman/mentor Vasudeva and the aforementioned Gotama all play a role in his search for enlightenment. My Thoughts My reactions to the book are mixed, so I will talk through them in the order they came to me. At...

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