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Author: chuckallen

Beach Weddings

Ken leaned in closer to Laura. He breathed in the scent, a combination of the ocean air and her hair. He had always loved the smell of her hair. She leaned back into him, still watching the ocean churn. He wrapped his arms around her and rested his head on her shoulder. It had been a while since they had enjoyed a quiet moment together like this. The swoosh of the ocean was the only sound they could hear. The stars shone overhead. The moon glistened on the waves. “Why don’t we get married on the beach?” Ken finally...

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Advice from Dad

Justin adjusted his cummerbund as he examined his reflection in the mirror. “Remember, son, the pleats go up. Catch the crumbs; that’s how I remember it.” “Thanks, dad. These outfits aren’t very comfortable are they?” “Nope. But you look great – very handsome. Where is Tony? And the rest of the groomsmen?” “Mom took them. She said they needed their help moving some tables in the reception hall.” Justin dropped a cufflink in another failed attempt to get it through his cuff. “Here, let me help you with that. I think that’s the hardest part of the outfit.” “The...

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The Evolution of Dad

Being a dad is a wonderful thing. My kids are now all three between the ages of 10 and 14. That makes me feel old, which I sometimes confuse with wise. As I get further along in this journey I’m beginning to realize that there is a progression that we go through. Here is the evolution of dads. You want to be cool (somewhere around the age of 12) You think you’re cool (at some point in high school or college) Your kids think you’re cool (at about the age of 3) Your kids realize you’re not cool (I’m...

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Dancing Senses

Few experiences can excite the senses more than a Saturday evening stroll through T. Naggar in Chennai, India. As darkness nears, the streets swell with people. A mild-mannered chaos begins at each intersection as crowds of people and vehicles melt into each other. Visitors must either enter the dance or risk breaking the rhythm of this amazing flow. The sounds of people talking, horns honking and engines running provide a musical backdrop for the entire journey. The sights also begin to change as colorful signs flicker to life, accented by small fires from street cookeries. Shadows begin to dance...

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Life Form Observations

“Commander’s log number 1-4-7-9-2. Life forms have been spotted and are currently under observation.” Commander G peered out from behind a large boulder. His presence had yet to be detected. “Life forms are tall in height, about twice my size.” He spoke in hushed tones, adjusting the GS-11 unit attached to his left wrist. “They appear to communicate with a mixture of strange sounds and constant movements of their arms and hands.” Commander G ducked behind the rock, fearing that he had been spotted. The strange noises came to an abrupt halt. Not willing to take any chances, Commander...

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