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Author: Chuck Allen

Stop Nagging!

There is a fine line between nagging and reminding. If you have been married for more than one month, chances are you have found yourself bumping into that line. So which do you do? Today’s post will provide some information that husbands generally keep to themselves. But since I care about marriages I plan to share that knowledge. After all, a wise man once said, “Knowledge is power!” (Ok, maybe that was from School House Rock, but I’m only a bill… on capitol hill.) Today’s post is definitely from the husband’s viewpoint. I’ll have to ask that you ladies...

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I Like It When She Says Nothing

My wife talks a lot. In fact, I stand in awe of her ability at times. She can talk on the phone for hours and still have plenty to talk about when we sit down for dinner. Of course, she then asks how my day went and is frustrated when my sole response is, “Good.” I see it as balance – her ying to my yang – or something like that. And while I tease her about her “gift of gab” at times, I actually find it cute. She even has a funny way with words at times that...

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Heart Lessons

Jacob took inventory of the items on the counter as he slipped on his jacket. He checked his jacket pocket to make sure his knit hat was there. These February days looked warm from inside, but that assessment would change with a few minutes in the cool wind. He grabbed the picnic basket, the box of chocolates, the card and the flowers from the counter and headed out the door. The trip was short and familiar – one he had made numerous times each week for the past four years. As he parked the vehicle his attention was taken...

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Closing Time

“Hi, Larry. What’ll it be?” Jon wiped the counter and placed a napkin in front of him. “Anything – as long as it has rum in it. I’ve got a day full of meetings I need to wipe from my memory banks.” “Where’s Tony?” Chuck craned his neck and looked around the room. “He could give you a run down of the options. The guy’s a virtual encyclopedia of cocktails.” “True.” Larry nodded towards the corner booth. “Who’s the new guy?” Jon added a plastic stirrer to the drink and placed it on the counter. “I don’t know. He...

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