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Author: Chuck Allen

Thankful Thursday – Marriage Edition

One of the people I follow on Twitter is Mandisa (@mandisaofficial.) Each week she proclaims “Thankful Thursday” and people tweet what they are thankful for. I’ve never participated in Thankful Thursday because… well… honestly…I don’t see any other guys participating. I hate to admit it, but I’ve been lurking, waiting to participate but it feels a bit like a girl party so I’ve stayed out of it. I’m still thankful, though, I promise. Anyway, it got me thinking. I can post a Thankful Thursday blog post. That way I can participate without feeling like the lone guy at the...

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Sick Husband Syndrome

Women are generally known for being more compassionate than men. They are often more caring, empathetic and gentle. However, there is a scenario where apparently the female caring gene gets turned off. For many men, it catches us completely off guard, like a blitzing cornerback hitting a quarterback from the blind side. I’ll stop the sports analogies before I get carried away. You may have noticed that it has been a while since the last post. (I include that sentence to make it look like people read this blog. Truth is, nobody actually noticed.) A really nasty cold had...

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The Answer is… “Yes, we need more hangers.”

It’s nice to know the answer to a question before you encounter it. Today’s post aims to give you such answers. And today’s answer is “Yes, we need more hangers.” Every married man will encounter mysteries. One of those mysteries for me has been my wife’s infatuation with clothes hangers. How many clothes hangers does one family need? Apparently, the answer to that question is a number somewhere near infinity. I knew that two hangers were used in an attempt to unlock the car and retrieve my keys. One hanger was used trying to clean out a drain pipe....

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Handling the “How Long” Question

Every married man will eventually be asked to tell how long they have been married. While the question seems very innocent, everyone knows that the question is a loaded weapon. Miss that question and you obviously are not a caring husband. Miss that question and you might as well crawl away to wherever it is that loser husbands congregate. On the surface I will admit that it seems odd that men, who can often remember the exact number of runs scored by a player in any given year of the last decade, cannot remember the date of their wedding....

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Husband Skills: The Art of Deflective Vagueness

I loathe self proclaimed experts. People who claim to be experts are usually just as lost as the rest of us, but they have figured out a way to sell that to us. If you hear an expert introduced, count to ten and you will probably hear a sales pitch coming your way. I don’t even like self-help books for the same reason, although I will admit to being suckered into one every now and then. With that said, I am no expert. This blog is not intended to be authoritative (unless you’re a publisher, if so, give me...

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