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Author: Chuck Allen


Good day. My name is Wu. I and my wife own the convenience store on seventh street. I did not know this Alice, but I come down here because she was brave. That boy that did this, he is always trouble. When I see him, I begin to watch closely. When I saw them hit this lady, I immediately call the police. I thought they would run away, but she kept standing back up and shouting at them. She was pointing and they would hit her again. But this lady, this Alice, she was unflinching. I wanted to go help,...

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My name is Tony and I’m a friend of Monica’s. I didn’t know Miss Alice, but I was there the night she died. I feel responsible too, because I’m the one that talked Monica into going to get some… stuff. I felt bad immediately. When she turned Monica around, I hesitated. Miss Alice looked at me and said, “What kind of friend would destroy someone’s life with that mess?” That really made me think. I mean… she’s right. Not only am I messing up my own life, but I’m dragging my friends along with me. Friends like Monica, who...

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Hi. My name is Monica. And… I’ve been sitting out there trying to talk myself out of doing this. I don’t like talking in front of crowds… but I love Miss Alice. She was my sponsor. She always made sure I went to my meetings and she checked in with me almost every day. She even took me to my meetings a few times when I was planning to skip. I have been clean for five months this time. I – I – I am the reason Miss Alice was there. I’m so sorry. I… If I had only...

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Recovering Addict

Hi. My name is Analise. I had the privilege of being Alice’s sponsor many years ago. If you know Alice well, this is no surprise since she was so active in the support groups. I could never understand how someone as busy as her could find time be involved, but she was. You’ve all described wonderful things about Alice, but the thing I will always admire most is her accomplishments as a recovering addict. She quit tracking days and years a long time ago now, but I can tell you its been at least sixteen years. She entered the...

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I’ve known Alice for about 20 years now, I guess. I’m still in shock at what happened. I’m going to share something about Alice that might surprise a lot of you. Alice had a quiet side. She and I used to lay out in her back yard during the summer months. I’m not sure which one of us loved the sun the most, but we would be out there any time the two of us didn’t have to work. Usually, the conversation was non-stop. I’m a talker myself. And, well, you all know Alice. But some days were different....

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